Beware Fast Food and Its Container

Fast food is not exactly the healthiest option out there, and as it turns out, its wrapper/container could be bad for you. According to new study, synthetic chemical associated with cancer and other serious health problems have been found in some fast food packaging.

These chemicals are known as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs).

They’re known for their ability to resist oil, water, heat and stains, which makes them valuable ingredient for wrappers to hold greasy fast food items. The problem is, some of those man-made chemicals have been linked to high cholesterol, low birth rate, cancer, and other health risks. These chemicals are really hard to get rid of, they don’t break down easily in the environment, and they can build up in the human body.

This particular study did not determine whether PFASs found in packaging leech into the food, but previous research has shown the chemicals are more likely to make their way into your meal if it is hot and greasy.


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